Three for Three and a Voting Opportunity

by Katie on July 13, 2014

If I actually get this post up in a timely manner, I will be three for three on these weekly updates that I started.  That’s good news.  I’m following through.

It was a fairly mellow week, compared to the previous week – thank goodness – because I ended up having to push a workout back one day and I couldn’t really have done that last week.  This was for no other reason than I went out the night before and there was no way I was pulling off a tempo interval after a late night out, post martini consumption.  I know better than that.  I actually had a social life this week and had TWO late nights outside of my home.  This behavior is not entirely conducive to marathon training of the 20 mile long run variety, but somehow I pulled through.  We’ll get to that.  That was at the end of the week.  Let’s start at the beginning.

86 Miles

9 Runs

1 Workout, 1 Long Run

Monday: 11 miles in the am (7:08pace), 4 miles later in the am (7:25pace)

(seems like more often than not, my secondary runs take place a few hours after my first run, only because that’s the only time I know I will be able to fit the run in.  Right now I have 1-2 secondary runs of 3-4 miles in the schedule)

Tuesday: 9 miles am (7:18), 4 miles later in the am (7:25)

Wednesday: 9.5 miles in the afternoon (7:15)

(this should have been the tempo day.  I chose to push it off a day rather than run it at 4pm in 90 degrees.  I do make good decisions sometimes.  It just gave me one day instead of two between workout and long run.  No biggie)

Thursday Workout

Goal: 3 x 2 mile tempo interval @ 5:50 – 6:00 pace with 1/4 mile jog recoveries

Actual:  12.5 miles total @ 6:37

2 mile warmup, 3 x 2 mile intervals, 4 mile cooldown

2 Mile Splits – 11:54 (5:57 pace), 11:46 (5:53), 11:32 (5:46)

It was humid this day, but temps were cooler.  So, near 95%, but only in the 60′s for temp and dew point

Friday: 8.5 miles (7:18)

Saturday Long Run

Goal – 20 miles, 6:55 – 7:10 pace

Actual – 20 miles @ 6:54 avg pace

This long run followed another late night out.  I succumbed to the thought that I was likely going to have to drag myself through 20 painful miles on limited sleep.  And this type of run is probably one of my favorites.  It was just unfortunate timing with weekend schedules.  That’s life.  We had these plans to go out Friday night followed by a double whammy of training on Saturday – my husband had a 100 mile bike ride planned and I had 20 miles to run.  This meant I had to be HOME from TWENTY miles by 7:15 AM.  Killer.  I left my house early.  I ditched any notion that I would fall in that prescribed pace range.  And…surprisingly, it went off without a hitch.  It was a nice rolling course, a couple hills, but nothing crazy.  Seamless and feeling great.  No issues with staying in pace range.  It was a nice, comfortable long run.  Shocker.  I was home before 7am.  Wonderful to be done with 20 miles by 7am

Fuel/Fluid: I drank about 12-16oz total of 1/2 packet (that’s all I had at home) of Generation UCAN at miles 6 and 11.  I don’t eat breakfast before long runs and I don’t like to carry water.  I had it in a spot that I knew I would pass by a couple times.  That was plenty for me.  It was humid, but not terribly hot, maybe high 60′s, so that helped.

Sunday: 7.5 miles (7:02)


Core and drills – add them into your training routine!  I do my best to do core work 3-4 times a week and drills twice a week.  Barre class is not happening this summer.  Kids.  Work.  Not fitting it in.  That’s fine because I can, when I put my mind to it, get a great strength/core/drill workout in at home and it does not take long.  I usually get most of it done right after my run out in the driveway.

I am halfway done with a nutrition/ “what my diet is like” post.  This is kind of a hot topic, so I am approaching it purely from the angle of what my thoughts are for my training and why my nutrition is the way it is and what sorts of supplements I use that I think are really helpful.  Hopefully I will chip away at that some more and have it up soon.  Nutrition is important!



runners world copy

I’ve never entered any contest like this, but wouldn’t it would be kind of cool to be on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine?!?  You can vote every day and I would really appreciate your help!  Feel free to spread the love:)

You can vote HERE

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Tempos Galore

by Katie on July 6, 2014

There’s a lot of tempo running going on here lately.  More tempo than I think I’ve ever consistently run.

All sorts of tempo

Aerobic threshold tempo

Lactate threshold tempo, aka, death by tempo

Tempo interval

Tempo Thursday

Tempo in the middle of a long run

It’s the lifeblood of marathon training

It’s everywhere

This week, I got a Tempo Thursday(I get to anticipate it ALL WEEK LONG, and usually after some sort of speed workout earlier in the week) in addition to Tempo in the Middle of a long run Sunday.  I’ve concluded that I dislike Tempo Thursday more than Tempo in the Middle of a Long Run Sunday.  The reason for this is that Tempo Thursday, albeit a shorter tempo, falls squarely into the category of hurt a lot, while Tempo in the Middle of Long Run falls into the category of hurt a bit less, because the pace is just slightly nicer to me, albeit longer.

But, a funny thing happens when you put two such tempos close to one another.  The mental anguish of how tough that second, slightly slower tempo in the long run will feel is much lower, even though it’s more miles and a longer tempo.  Theoretically, I will have just completed a shorter tempo at a faster pace, and can therefore expect to be able to run another one at a slower tempo pace, for a bit longer.  Once that first Tempo Thursday is done and the second one is on the horizon with a pace assignment that is a good 15 seconds slower/mile, I can only think, heck yes!  I can do this!  I just did one that was harder.  supposedly.

Here’s what this week looked like:

82 miles

8 runs/1 double day

2 workouts, 1 long run

Monday – Workout #1

12 x 400 meter HILL repeats on a 3-5 % grade, jog back down for recovery

9ish miles total

Super humid and warm

I have never done hill repeats.  I had no clue what a 3-5% grade was.  So, going with the term “hill” in the workout description, I took myself to the smallest “hill” by my house.  I discovered this hill knows no 3-5% grade.  It was more like a 9-13% grade.  I did not possess this useful information before my workout.  I just picked a hill, ran it, and proceeded to wonder what in the heck I did to deserve such torture on a Monday morning.  It was horrible.  I was very happy to find out after the fact that the 100ft elevation gain in a 1/4 mile and my heart nearly beating out of my chest with every climb up the hill was because I was not running up a 3-5% grade hill.  I was fairly certain it was steeper than 3-5 % grade, but did not think I was hitting 13%.  I was.  After the third repeat, I tossed my watch because looking at the pace was not doing me any good.  workout done.  Legs destroyed. First time I was sore from a workout in a long time.

Tuesday – 7 miles am, 6 miles afternoon

Wednesday – 10 miles early am

Thursday – Workout #2

Goal – 2 mile w/u, 5 mile tempo @ 5:55 – 6:00, 2 mile c/d

Actual – 11 miles total @ 6:42 with 5 tempo @ 5:59 average (6:00, 5:59, 5:54, 6:00, 6:00)

This is the time of year when I have to mention heat and humidity, because it most certainly effects the running.  It was 72 degrees, 72 dew point for this one.  97% humidity.  Safe to say the air was thick.  I was happy with the workout, especially given the temp/humidity.  I went into it expecting to be ok with adjusting the pace quite a bit for the temperature, so I was happy I tucked just under 6:00 avg pace.  The air was a bit suffocating.

Friday – 11 miles early am

Saturday – 12 miles am

Long Run: 16 miles @ 6:44

Goal – 16 miles with 8 tempo in the middle @ 6:10-15

Actual – 4 w/u, 8 tempo @ 6:07 average (6:11, 6:11, 6:07, 6:09, 6:09, 6:10, 6:00, 5:56), 4 mile c/d

My goal for these tempos is to stay in the range given and feel good in the assigned pace range and then pick it up for the last two, and finish well.

It was a cooler morning in the 60′s with fairly low humidity, only maybe 75%.

I’ve been running the majority of my workouts with my training partner since last summer.  I’ve run the past week and a half or so worth of workouts solo.  There’s a huge benefit to training with someone speedy, but it’s also nice to know that I can do these solo, without someone pulling me along…just me and my head, my head and me, battling out the tempo miles on the road.  It stresses me out a bit to have to do these runs alone purely because I know that I have to be stronger mentally and quiet the voice that wants to quit at mile 3.5 of a 5 mile tempo, even though I’m physically running just fine.  Tempo runs really do build quite a bit of running character and strength.  They build some great mental toughness.  A different kind of tough than you would get from a type of speed workout.  If you’re not sure where to start, just start small and slowly build from there.  The nice thing about picking up running so much later in life is that I can vividly remember my running beginnings….and that a 4 mile, 6:40 pace tempo at the beginning of 2 summers ago was a huge struggle.  Stay in the mile, stay in the moment and leave everything else out of your run, other than the task at hand.  The more you practice, the more comfortable you get and the more familiar you get with the hard stuff…and it always remains hard stuff.

14 weeks to go…

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